Weight Loss

If you look at old newsreels and photos from 50+ years ago, you will notice that people were much thinner back then. Did you ever wonder why? Less food? More exercise? NO!

The American population was thinner back then because they were not carrying the toxic load that many of us carry today. Pesticides, herbicides and about 80,000 toxic chemicals were not in their food 50 years ago. These chemicals, as well as genetically modified organisms (GMOs) build up in our bodies and slowly poison us producing disease, premature aging and degenerative ailments. Our innate response is to protect the healthy tissues by surrounding the toxins with FAT.

Any diet that does not address the toxins in our systems will either make you sick or cause a rebound fat gain.

Our approach is to flood the body with high-grade nutrients and herbs to support and stimulate phase-one and phase-two liver detoxification. When the toxins exit the body, the fat has no purpose and leaves. Even if you watch your diet and eat mostly organic, you still have a toxic load problem.

All indigenous tribes around the world cleanse their bodies every few months. Maybe we should all get with the program.

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