March 28, 2017

The Polio Epidemic and the brainwashing of America : Part 2

By Dr. Jerry Greenberg

The men in the white coats convinced everyone that they eradicated polio by vaccinations. Science and statistics did not support that conclusion, but that did not matter. Like the Nazis, they were on their way to take over the world.

And they did just that. What other industry on this planet convinces governments to force their citizens to consume their products? Think about it. Its criminal-but brilliant. You’ve got to give those Nazis credit. They are slick.

One of the reasons they were so successful in pulling off this public relations phenomenon, was the fact that they had the richest bankers and oil barons backing them with huge amounts of money and political influence. They also infiltrated the medical education system by putting their “boys” on the board of every medical school, research foundation and government regulatory agency in the country.


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