Always question authority

Back in the 1960’s, Dr. Tim Leary told us to always question authority. And I believe we should be

following that advice more than ever today. Just because you see it on the evening news, doesn’t

mean you should not question it.

I have one question that I would like an intelligent answer; Whatever happened to the Zika virus?

And what happened to all the shrunken head babies?

And, what happened to the $1.4 billion we gave to Big Pharma to “fight” the Zika virus?

So, get ready, I’m going to give you the answer; IT WAS ALL A BIG SCAM ON COVER UP!

There was never any threat to pregnant women from mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus.

Scientists have known about Zika for over 70 years. It usually produces mild flu-like symptoms

or no symptoms at all.

The birth defects were the result of spraying a mosquito larvicide in the water supply in some

poor areas of Brazil. The whole Zika myth was a cover-up by the chemical company and a way to

extort your hard-earned tax dollars.

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