Are Cell Phones Bad for You?

By Dr. Jerry Greenberg

Those of you who read my blogs understand that mainstream media will never report the dangers and deaths from vaccines and fluoridated water. You also know that you will never hear of the billions of dollars the federal government has paid out to families of damaged or dead children.

Well, here’s another topic you will never see on the news: Damage caused by ionizing radiation from cell phone towers, wi-fi, smart meters, microwave ovens and of course, cell phones. Research out of Washington State University shows cellular damage from these devices which can cause: depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, infertility, autism, cardiac arrhythmias and cancer.

Research out of Germany showed that the DNA damage of 48 hours of cell phone exposure is equal to 1600 chest x-rays! Sleeping with your cell phone next to your head on your night stand is just asking for trouble. If you must carry your phone, go on line and purchase a Faraday bag to protect your mitochondria and DNA.

Also, go on line and pick up a EMF meter and check out your house and work space and most importantly your bedroom. They are about $150. Just Do It.

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