Do not trust any Zika vaccination

Brazil has the most cases of microcephally in the world. They are also a country that uses more pesticides on their crops that any other country in the world.

Scientists have known about Zika in Africa for about 70 years and there is absolutely no evidence that it produces birth defects. It appears to be another scare tactic to get funding from governments around the world to develop another useless and dangerous vaccine. They’ve already pocketed hundreds of millions.

A study out of Brazil looked at 404 cases of microcephally. Only 17 women tested positive for Zika antibodies. Most of them were agricultural workers who worked in fields which were sprayed with massive quantities of toxic pesticides.
My advice: do not trust any Zika vaccination and stay far away from all foods that are loaded with these poisons, like grains, soy and corn.

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