Big Pharma is scrambling to make their last chance billion$$$ on this year’s flu vaccine. In order to do that, they need to scare the crap out of all the uninformed idiots in this country and around the world with outright lies and pseudo-science.

This week, a young boy from Connecticut died from pneumonia and all the news media jumped on the fact that it was the flu that killed him and it’s not too late to get your shot.

1. pneumonia is usually a bacterial infection not related to the flu.

2. there was no mention of whether or not this child had the flu shot or any other immune system destroying vaccination.

If any of these “rocket scientists” would bother to read the product insert sheets from the manufacturer, they would learn:

– there is 25,000 more mercury in the flu shot than the EPA allows in our drinking water. (and we’re not shooting it into our blood)

– there have been no controlled studies that demonstrate a decline in influenza disease after administration of the vaccination.

– there have been no controlled studies that demonstrate no carcinogenic, mutagenic or impaired fertility from the administration of the vaccination.

The new media states that the vaccination is only 30% effective. How did they come up with that figure when the manufacturer states that no controlled studies have been performed???

The news media also tells us to get the shot even if it has the wrong strain of flu for this season. It will diminish the severity of the illness. Where the hell did they come up with this science fiction. It’s all a lie and a sales pitch. Ohio State University recently published a study that showed that women who received the flu shot, demonstrated an impaired immune response to exposure to the virus the following year. The perfect marketing plan: weaken their immune system so they become more dependent on more vaccinations. Ya just gotta love these guys!!!!

Want to stop the flu in its tracks and not poison yourself?

Increase your vitamin D3, C and Zinc during the “flu season”.

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