I can hear the billions flowing into the drug companies’ piggy banks after the news hit this week. Unfortunately, as usual, its FAKE NEWS. It’s always fake news when it comes to anything related to your health on mainstream media. These news outlets are forbidden from telling the truth about your health. That’s because over 80% of their income comes from “direct to consumer” drug adds. Their only purpose is to promote drug sales. They will never report how many thousands die or are damaged from vaccines each year. They will never report how toxic and damaging GMO foods are to our well-being. Because, the sicker we become, the more money goes into their piggy bank.

Big Pharma is BIG BUSINESS!!! Only second to the oil industry, they are in control of the media. They will do anything to sell their products. They will make up scientific studies, give unscientific diet advice and make damn sure you never find out how to get healthy and off their toxic drugs. My mother just turned 88 and takes ZERO meds.

This week was a slap in the face of real science. Big Pharma came out with a Big announcement and made it sound like real science. They lowered the “normal” blood pressure readings so more of us would qualify for their toxic blood pressure meds. It’s the exact same thing they did about 40 years ago when they lowered the normal cholesterol numbers so perfectly healthy people would be prescribed toxic statin drugs. Their ultimate goal is to convince the government and perfectly healthy people to take their toxic concoctions just for $$$$$$$

All medical and chiropractic schools have to read Boyd’s Pathology which clearly states there is no thing as a safe medication. They all poison us.

If you or a family member are sick of their meds and want to live a healthier life, I will be happy to offer them a free consultation through the end of this year. Give me a call: 212.563.2966

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