“Natural” — What it really means!

The chemical flavor industry which began in the 1960’s has made a great deal of progress in producing flavors to trick our taste buds into believing we are eating essential foods. They have also made incredible progress in controlling government regulatory agencies to ignore nutrition standards in allowing over 10,000 of these chemicals to get into our foods.

When you are reading a label on a food product-this is problem #1, we should not be eating stuff that has labels-but if you are already making this mistake you need to know a few facts.

The words; natural and non-artificial have absolutely no meaning. They can use these terms to describe the most toxic compounds. If you think you are feeding your child something wholesome when you see these terms, you are being misled.

The only term that has any meaning to protect you in the food industry is the word ORGANIC. That’s it. No contest. without that term, it’s chemical roulette. Don’t fall for it.

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