Oh Mother!

I have been able to keep my mother healthy into her 88th year with a good diet, regular chiropractic care and high quality nutritional supplements. In fact, up until a few months ago, she was driving over 40 minutes every week to my office in Upper Nyack to get her spinal adjustment. And, to top it off, she takes no toxic medicines. (That’s a bit redundant since all medicines are toxic.)

After realizing she needed some assistance in her activities of daily living, she went into an assisted living facility. I had my first progress report meeting with the staff yesterday and learned they put her on 3 meds!

The first was for high blood pressure. However, she never had high blood pressure. So, I guess this is just routine; everyone must get put on high blood pressure drugs. I wonder how much the drug companies pay them to do that. The other 2 drugs were to thin out her blood to prevent a stroke. Well, that did not make much sense since she had no cardiovascular issues except for the high blood pressure meds that she doesn’t need.

I explained that she was taking omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E to safely and naturally thin her blood. The nurse told me those natural supplements were not effective. It’s interesting that doctors tell you to stop taking those supplements a few days before surgery because of their blood thinning qualities.

Then, I went online and found some studies that the combination of aspirin and Plavix do absolutely nothing to prevent stroke but increase your chances of bleeding out and dying.

This system of disease treatment is a disaster. God help anyone who gets caught up in this insanity.

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