Plants vs. Chemicals

In order to keep the money flowing, the oil masters convinced the government to use petroleum-based fertilizer on all our farms. Since there is a high nitrogen content in petrochemicals, the plants actually grew. However, they grew very sick because these toxic chemicals wiped out all the microorganisms in the soil. These special little bugs are responsible for driving essential minerals into the plant. This resulted in 2 very bad consequences which have destroyed our health for the last 70 plus years.

1. We started to consume plants that were totally out of balance with nature. If you pick up any biochemistry book, you will see that minerals are essential for nearly every enzyme reaction in our bodies and we are not getting them. Thus the rise in chronic degenerative disease, autoimmune disease, cancer, dementia and a host of other illnesses.

2. We were now growing sick plants that were unable to defend themselves against insect infestation. This was another home run for Monsanto and the other chemical killers to flood our crops with pesticides. The perfect storm.

Where did we get the technology for manufacturing these poisons? From the Nazi scientists, we stole from the Russians after the war in Operation Paperclip.

We were on a mission to get as many Nazi scientists into this country, regardless of their war crimes. Some of them were responsible for the success of our space program and getting us on the moon. Others made the deadly chemicals used to kill in the concentration camps. So, why let a valuable Nazi scientist go to waste? Let’s just dilute the deadly Zycone B and spray it all over our sick crops.
No wonder we are so damn sick!

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