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3 Ways to Protect Yourself when You've been in an Auto Accident

Guard Your Health - physically and financially after an auto accident -

Auto Injury Whiplash

  1. The Burden of Proof for auto-related injury is on you. Insurance companies will look for the day of the injury and the time between a specialized personal injury chiropractic evaluation. If you wait, you expose yourself to potential future suffering and risks.

  2. Cover Your Risks. The proof you need won't be found in an emergency room or primary care physician exam or basic X-rays. Auto Injury Chiropractors specialize in finding serious structural damage and soft tissue damage.

  3. Get Immediate Care. Symptoms typically surface days or weeks after an auto-related injury. Taking pain medication isn't a long-term solution. Your body's unblocked natural healing ability through specialized chiropractic care can help you feel better sooner.

Dr. Jerry knows how to advocate for patients involved in auto accidents. He actively advocated for fair and just insurance practices in NY, which helped pass a bill mandating chiropractic care inclusion in NY insurance policies. You will be in goods hands - 212-563-2966

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