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Cold Laser Therapy + Arthritis Relief

Cold Laser Therapy is a non-invasive treatment method that stimulates healing and reduces pain using low-intensity laser light. Even though cold laser therapy does not cure arthritis, it can ease pain and promote natural healing processes in the body.

Here's how Cold Laser Therapy Helps With Arthritis -

Cold Laser Therapy helps relieve arthritis pain

Pain Relief: Cold laser therapy can help relieve arthritis pain. It stimulates endorphin release, a natural pain-relieving chemical produced by the body, by penetrating the skin and reaching deep into the tissues. The result is a decrease in pain sensations.

Inflammation Reduction: Arthritis causes inflammation of joints, resulting in pain and stiffness. Cold laser therapy has anti-inflammatory effects. As a result of laser light, pro-inflammatory substances decrease, and anti-inflammatory substances increase, reducing inflammation in the affected joints.

Improved Blood Flow: Cold laser therapy can increase blood flow in the affected areas, bringing oxygen and nutrients into the tissues and reducing waste products and toxins. As a result of improved blood flow, the therapy can help reduce swelling and stimulate tissue regeneration.

Boosts tissue repair: Using laser light, cold laser therapy stimulates cellular activity and promotes tissue repair. This protein enhances the production of collagen, an essential protein involved in repairing and regenerating damaged tissues. It can be beneficial for joint damage caused by arthritis.

Relaxation of Muscles: Arthritis can cause muscles to become stiff and tense, but cold laser therapy can alleviate stiffness and improve flexibility by relaxing the muscles surrounding the affected joints. By relieving muscle tension, joint stress gets relief, and mobility improves.

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