THE Reason to Go Organic!

Monsanto, the most powerful chemical company on the planet, with the most politicians in their pocket was purchased by Bayer, the company that ran the Nazi death camps and found guilty in the Nuremberg Trials. A marriage made in Hell.

Their pesticide, Roundup is causing birth defects in farmers and farm workers and is slowly poisoning everyone on the planet. Its active ingredient, glyphosate has been determined to cause cancer by the World Health Organization. Forget about washing it off your fruits and vegetables, because it is woven into the DNA of the plants. That is what GMO is all about. And if your livestock is fed GMO feed, it’s in your steak and hamburgers. If you continue to consume glyphosate, you will get sick. It is not a matter of IF, it is a matter of WHEN.

That is why I encourage all my patients to go 100% organic. Consume only grass-fed meat, organic pasture fed chickens and eggs and no farmed fish.

If you wait until you get cancer or some autoimmune disease like MS or Parkinsons or some weird allergies, you waited too long. It’s much easier to keep you well than to get you well.

Next week we will consider the death of a Ph.D. research biochemist who was working on vaccine technology. He was shot dead in Malibu State Park in front of his daughters. He must have discovered something bad about vaccines.

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