Top Selling Drugs

I was doing some research on this subject and I was surprised to find the top seller.

For years the top selling drug was for thyroid dysfunction. Since we are overburdened with chloride and fluoride which compete with binding sites on our thyroid glands for iodine, many of us have under active thyroid glands and are prescribed T4. Besides being the less effective medication, it is also very profitable. T3 works much better and is less expensive. Of course, the best solution is to eliminate fluoridated water and dental products and take a natural iodine supplement. By the way, fluoride does nothing to improve the health of your teeth. It is a powerful neurotoxin and should never be anywhere near our bodies. But I will skip the history on this for now.

The 18-Billion-dollar top seller is Humera. It treats auto immune disease by turning off our immune system.

So, you may ask why some many people need to turn off their immune system. It is because we have accumulated so many toxins in our food and water that our immune system is very, very confused and is attacking healthy cells throughout our bodies. MS, Parkinson’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, colitis cancer…… are all related to a confused immune system.

For the month of October, I will be doing complementary diet analysis to help flush these toxins out of our bodies. Give us a call today to schedule your ticket to change your life.

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