What was really going on in Las Vegas

There is something wrong with this picture. I feel it is important to comment on some current events instead of health-related matters.

I am sure everyone with a heart is devastated by the news out of Las Vegas. But, I must say that these news reports are not adding up. When you fire a rifle or handgun, there is an explosion that causes a visible flash of light out of the muzzle of the gun. When you look at all the videos of the hotel and listen to the rat-ta-ta of the automatic weapon, you see no muzzle flash coming from the window of the 32nd floor. Gunpowder, when ignited leaves a great deal of smoke. That’s why indoor gun ranges are required to have a serious venting fan system so the shooters do not get lead poisoning. After a few thousand rounds, we should have seen a massive amount of smoke billowing out of the 32nd floor window. I did not see any smoke at all on those videos.

Finally, when you shoot those type of firearms, the brass casing is thrown out of the weapon on to the floor. And, they are HOT! In a simple semiautomatic, they will burn your skin. In a full auto, they are much hotter and will burn the carpet. In the pictures released online, not only are there no burn marks in the carpet, the thousands of rounds of empty casings are missing!!!!!!

What’s going on????????????? Am I missing something, or is there some massive cover up going on?

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