Meet Dr. Jerry Greenberg

Providing Holistic Health, Chiropractic Care in NYC Since 1979

Dr. Jerry Greenberg made his initial decision to become a chiropractor when he himself was in need of a spinal adjustment. While on a long run during his time as a pre-med student he first experienced the shocking pain of a herniated disk.

“I went to chemistry class twisted like a pretzel, so one of my classmates suggested I see a chiropractor,” Dr. Jerry Greenberg said. “I was so impressed by the sincerity of my chiropractor and by his commitment to help people off drugs that I adopted his holistic health philosophy and switched my studies from pre-med to chiropractic care.”

After graduating from New York Chiropractic College, Dr. Jerry Greenberg immediately opened up his own practice in the upper west side of NYC.

“My first patients all came from a recording studio in Midtown,” Dr. Jerry Greenberg recalls. “The musicians and the employees came to see me and kicked off my business.” Since then, his clientele has come almost entirely from word of mouth of referrals. The key to his success, he believes, is his sincere passion for spreading holistic health, alternative medicine and chiropractic care.

While his passion for chiropractic is certainly a factor, Dr. Jerry Greenberg’s popularity can also be attributed to the fact that he is seen as an expert in the chiropractic community. Immediately after starting up his practice, he became the youngest director of the New York State Chiropractic Association.

“I was, and still am, on a mission to change healthcare in the country; to get people off of drugs,” he said about his time at the NYSCA. In his position, he spearheaded a campaign to get New York to mandate chiropractic services in every health insurance policy: a major success on his mission to spread holistic health through chiropractic care.

Although Dr. Jerry Greenberg has earned himself a reputation as a stark politician for chiropractic, he is as personable of a doctor as they come. In fact, he encourages his patients to call him by his first name in order to create a more relaxed atmosphere.

“I don’t want any barriers between me and my patients,” he said.

Three Fun Facts About Dr. Jerry Greenberg:

Dr. Jerry Greenberg finds that for him, the most rewarding chiropractic care he offers is nutritional therapy. He has helped patients loose over 100 pounds at his chiropractic nutrition center.

He likes to spend his free time preforming in his rock-and-roll band, “Dr. Jerry Greenberg and the Prescriptions.” He is the lead singer and harmonica player.

His wife is his high school sweetheart. Together went to Woodstock, had three daughters, 5 grandchildren, and adopted a Shih Tzu dog named Buddy.

We also have a new associate Doctor on staff, Dr. Diana Palamar.
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