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Auto Injury Chiropractor
Upper Nyack, NY 

Aur=to Injury
X-rays at Chiropractic Office in Upper Nyack, NY

You need to see an experienced auto injury chiropractor if you've been in a accident. Besides the obvious or non-obvious trauma to your body, you will need medical documentation, immediate x-rays, and a chiropractor that knows how to process claims properly so you don't suffer financially. 

Contact Dr. Jerry. Here's what you need to know to take care of yourself. 

#1. A car accident can result in sudden and forceful body movements, including misalignment or subluxation of the spine and other joints. A chiropractor can gently adjust the spine and restore proper joint function.

#2. As a result of auto injuries, people can suffer from acute or chronic pain in their necks, backs, shoulders, and other parts of their bodies. Chiropractic adjustments and therapies can unlock the body's natural healing ability to minimize pain and control inflammation.  

#3. Auto accidents and spinal misalignments damage muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Chiropractors can use soft tissue therapies, such as massage, stretching exercises, or Cold Laser Therapy, to address and enhance recovery from these injuries.

#4. A whiplash injury happens when your head and neck are jerked back suddenly and forcefully in an auto accident. Chiropractic care can target the affected areas and restore a normal range of motion and function.

#5. Auto injuries can result in chronic pain and long-term complications if not treated properly. During chiropractic treatment, the aim is to address underlying issues and unlock healing immediately to prevent chronic conditions.

#6. The primary goal of immediately seeing a chiropractor is to assist the body's natural healing process so medications and surgical interventions become unnecessary or minimal. 

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