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Family Care Chiropractor
Upper Nyack, NY 

Chiroprcactor adjusting infant in Upper Nyack, NY
Family Chiropractor Photo Upper Nyack, NY

Family Chiropractor Dr. Jerry Greenberg promotes natural healing by focusing on our body's innate healing ability through gentle adjustments.


Contact Dr. Jerry about Family Plans for Upper Nyack, NY residents. 


Here's how he can help your Family!


#1. Family chiropractic care alleviates chronic pain, reduces inflammation, and improves energy levels by addressing spinal misalignments. With regular Chiropractic visits, the nervous system can reset to improve sleep, regulate mood, and boost energy.


#2. Chiropractic care not only reduces stress but also enhances mental and emotional health. Chiropractic adjustments can alleviate tension and improve mental clarity by reducing stress on the nervous system. 


#3. Chiropractic care becomes increasingly important as we age. Regular adjustments can reduce joint discomfort, increase flexibility, and promote healthy aging. 


#4. Pediatric chiropractic adjustments can optimize nervous system function, promote healthy development, and support the growing bodies of children. 

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