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Prenatal Chiropractor
Upper Nyack, NY 

Prenatal Chiropractic Care in Upper Nyack, NY
Chiropractor with toddler paitient in Upper Nyack, NY

Prenatal Chiropractor Dr. Jerry Greenberg wishes you a wonderful pregnancy! Here's how he can help you feel your best during pregnancy and after delivery.   


#1. Chiropractic Treatments can help restore proper alignment to the pelvis and spine during pregnancy, reducing the chances of complications during birth. With pregnancy comes hormonal changes that loosen ligaments that can cause problems during labor and delivery.


#2. Chiropractic Techniques, such as the Webster technique, can achieve optimal fetal positioning and reduce the odds of breech or posterior delivery.


#3. Chiropractic Treatments can aid in optimizing nervous system function, benefitting both the mother and the developing baby. 


#4. Biomechanics is vital to keeping the body functioning as it undergoes significant changes during pregnancy. A Prenatal Chiropractor can address any misalignment or imbalance, resulting in improved posture, mobility, and overall health.


#5. Pelvic alignment and nervous system function should be optimal to improve labor and delivery. Prenatal Chiropractic Care can reduce the risk of prolonged labor or interventions by ensuring optimal pelvic biomechanics.


#6. Chiropractic Treatments assist with postpartum recovery by addressing musculoskeletal imbalances, promoting better spinal alignment, and alleviating discomfort after childbirth.

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