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Patient Reviews

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You can find chiropractic patient reviews for Dr. Jerry on Facebook and Google Business—some of those reviews are on this page. He is known for highly compassionate chiropractic care and remains committed to treating people holistically to avoid unnecessary medications and surgical procedures. Please pick up the phone and talk to Jerry about any concerns in starting chiropractic care. 

Chiropractic patient loves empire chiropractic

Jeri Lesser Allen - Dr. Greenberg is THE BEST. One Thanksgiving I was putting a cheese board on a low coffee table and did something to my back. The next morning I could barely stand up straight. I needed help getting dressed. I called Dr. Greenberg and he saw me on Black Friday. My husband had to drive me while I laid in the back seat. Dr. Greenberg worked his magic and I walked out of his office 90% back to normal. One additional visit a few days later got me back 100%.

Bob Forbes "Dr Jerry is an expert in chiropractic care who also cares deeply about his patients.   He's devoted to giving them the best care possible.   Although I've known him for many years when I had knee replacement surgery 4 years ago, I quickly discovered that my lower back needed adjustment from the several years I limped on my leg prior to surgery.  I asked Dr Jerry for his advice he developed a plan for my continued care.   I live over 3 hours from his office and he assisted me in finding a competent chiropractor local to me who could execute the plan.   I still see my chiropractor regularly and the symptoms have subsided since following his plan.  Additionally, Jerry has advised me on other health issues including nutrient supplements to address arthritis in my thumb.   The pain I was experiencing subsided after taking those supplements and I have full use of my hand.   Clearly if you're looking for excellent chiropractic and wellness care,  Jerry's the doctor you should use!"

Francesca Pascal “Dr.Jerry is by far one of the best providers I’ve been to in years. Very straight forward and completely honest. And REALLY knows his stuff. Was able to tell me about certain problems before even getting old X-rays. Highly recommended!”


Dalicia Dyer “I have been a patient of Dr. Greenberg for some time now. He is Very thorough, knowledgeable and experienced, his treatments are the best in the area.”


Neil Baim “Dr. Jerry has always been a proactive and supportive healer, using methods that always helped me with my chronic illness. Always exuded patience and kindness with every visit, and I’d recommend him to anyone in need of wonderful holistic care.”


Lisa Arrigo “Dr Greenberg is a gifted, seasoned and heart centered chiropractor. He takes the time to connect with each patient and tailors interventions to meet his/her specific needs. My back and neck alignment have radically improved under his care.  Highly recommend him!”


Joan Capua “Dr. Greenberg has been my trusted health advisor for nearly 30 years. Before my first appointment, I had consulted with 12 other chiropractors as well as osteopaths and none were able to answer my questions. He has guided me through back and neck problems, fatigue, as well as nutritional support. All resulting in my current health and energy.”


Ashritha Diwakar “I’m a IT professional, sitting long hours in the same position is inevitable and so does visiting Chiropractitioner. After a series of trial and error in finding the right one, I hit a jackpot discovering Empire Chiropractic just few blocks away from my apartment. I love their ambience and every time I visit, no doubt that I'll feel relaxed and painfree. Recommended :)”

Bryan Jaicks “Dr Greenberg has been relieving my back and joint pain and mobility issues  with great success using natural means for a very long time. Besides chiropractic, they use massage therapy, trigger point therapy, and other things to really make life much more lovable for me. There is far more breadth of knowledge put to use at Empire than your typical chiro office. And the office staff is extremely accommodating with scheduling and handling insurance.”


Allyshia Hamilton “I love this place and the staff is amazing.  I visited Dr. Greenberg many years ago and he was the only chiropractor that I'd visited that actually helped me with my back.  And now his associate - Dr. Palamar - does the same thing and I no longer have headaches during the day and I sleep better at night.  Check them out-you won't regret it!”

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