In between our spinal bones (vertebrae) are these spongy cushions called discs. They are made of a fibro-cartilage on the outside and a jelly like substance on the inside. This design makes them a great shock absorber when we run, jump or simply step off the curb. They also help separate the bones to allow the intervertebral nerves to exit the spine and travel to every system in our bodies. Every organ, gland, muscle, and joint in our bodies are controlled and coordinated by our brain and nervous system.

When our spines are in perfect alignment, we have optimum function of the nervous system. However, when our spines are out of alignment, not only do we have dysfunction of the nervous system, we also have abnormal wear and tear of the spine and discs.

The abnormal function of the spine produces osteoarthritis. The abnormal function of the discs will produce one of two conditions:

1. Bulging Disc. This is when the jelly pushes against the fibro-cartilage. It looks like a bubble in a tire. This can be very painful and debilitating if that bulge makes contact with the spinal nerve.
2. Herniated Disc. This is a much more serious condition when the jelly actually squirts out of the fibro-cartilage. Now the disc no longer has the same thickness and the spinal nerve gets pinched and crushed.

I have successfully treated both of these conditions with a combination of spinal manipulation, traction and physical therapy modalities.

If you have been diagnosed with one or both of these conditions, give me a call for a complimentary consultation to see if I can help.

Dr. Jerry

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